This is the WordPress page for Harjeev Kandhari; entrepreneur, philanthropist and luxury travel enthusiast.  Currently dividing his living time between London and Dubai, Mr. Kandhari is the Founder and Managing Director of Zenises.

Since founding Zenises in 2014, the brand has gone from strength to strength. Now, nearly two years on from their launch, Harjeev Kandhari’s innovation and entrepreneurial spirit has secured a presence for Zenises in 20 countries across the globe, including offices in locations ranging from the UAE to Germany and from South Africa to Spain.

As an international service and distribution business, the Zenises team is dedicated to producing quality products, partnerships and brands, as well as operating with integrity and for the common good. An integral factor which has led to Zenises’ rapid success is their emphasis on building strong professional relationships; putting the needs of the customer first, treating them as partners, and regularly repeating the mantra that people are their greatest asset.

There is another layer to the Zenises brand. With Mr. Kandhari being a staunch advocate for assisting disadvantaged communities, Zenises have made charitable work the cornerstone of their company foundations. The Z Aspire foundation does just that, sponsoring children in the poorer parts of Asia and Europe right up to master’s degree level, whilst the Westlake Wishes initiative aims to feed 125,000 people in a single day in the Indian holy city of Amritsar to draw attention to the local and global hunger crisis, still affecting much of India despite the country’s strong economic growth. Over the course of their day of action, chefs supply a four-course meal to feed those in need – a number greater than the capacity of Wembley stadium.

To discover more about the charitable projects led by the Zenises Foundation, visit their official website today. You can also keep up to date with Harjeev Kandhari’s latest news on this site, along with his other social media channels including Facebook and YouTube.


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